Liquivite is a canned, liquid food in the form of a creamy chicken soup.

For kittens and puppies Liquivite makes an ideal weaning food, introducing meat into their diet, but in a familiar liquid form.

Liquivite appeals to the older cat or dog, perhaps not as able to eat solid foods as readily.

Liquivite is suitable for cats and dogs with chronic renal failure (CRF), its high liquid content delivering the higher levels of hydration necessary for cats and dogs with kidney failure. Go to the About Liquivite page for fuller details about CRF.

Liquivite helps in feeding cats and dogs which have a poor appetite or are fussy feeders. Being a soup, Liquivite offers variety, a change from the usual canned or dry foods.

When a cat or dog does not drink enough, Liquivite offers a way of maintaining liquid intake. It may be more acceptable than water

Liquivite is used by veterinary surgeons to both feed and rehydrate the sick, post-operative and convalescent cat and dog, to aid recovery. It is smooth enough for syringe-feeding when appetite is absent, and easily consumed when appetite returns. Click on "About Liquivite" for a full analysis of ingredients and supplementation.

Liquivite is available from your veterinary surgeon, from online veterinary pharmacies, or you can buy it online directly from us.

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I can't tell you how many times your product has saved a kitten's life...
Liquivite cat and dog food cans