I can’t tell you how many times your cat product has saved a kitten’s life.

I have been breeding Persians and Exotics for 15 years now, and have for many years been using Liquivite to wean my kittens.

I start them off with a syringe full of it, (as it can be readily sucked up into even a small syringe). Then they learn to lap it up, and it gives them that solid body that can withstand weaning and separation from the mother.

This product is a must for those pedigree breeders who have to early wean, in order to avoid FCoV. Many a time, a poor doer has come on in leaps and bounds thanks to Liquivite. Fortunately, the product doesn’t cause diarrhoea, another problematic weaning disaster. Once easting and thriving, I gradually mix in the other more solid foods, until fully weaned.

I don’t know what I would do without you.

Jane Baines-Holmes